Mysa was a ten week, collaborative project focusing on branding, interaction, and service design. We focused on second language acquisition and the comfort levels of different individuals when learning and speaking a second language. Our research on speech anxiety, motivations for second language acquisition, and language exchanges helped inform our decisions when ideating and planning the concept behind Mysa.
Less than one percent of American adults are proficient in a foreign language that they studied in a U.S. classroom. Our solution to help combat this issue is Mysa, a new way to have face-to-face cultural experiences in your neighborhood. Mysa is a cultural community focusing on not only the language aspect of culture, but all of the small factors that make a culture what it is.
Touchpoints include: developed personas, branding guidelines, promotional materials, an information based website, a community based mobile app, a physical space and guidelines, a participatory design installation, a cultural menu and punch card, and community events and materials to help promote these events. 
Collaboration with Marcie Laird, Nicole Ferreira, and Jack Ratterree

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